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  1. The school functions on five (5) days a week basis i.e. (Monday—Friday). However, Saturdays are declared normal academic day for A.K.U.E.B/O-Level’s classes the time tables of which, are issued separately.
  2. Kindergarten students must reach school by the reporting time declared each year. Gates will be closed at 9:00 a.m. sharp. However, the timings of the new admission students in the Kindergarten Section (Level I) are relaxed during the first fifteen (15) days of the opening of the school.
  3. Junior/Senior Section students must reach by max 5 mints before the assembly. Punctuality must be strictly observed. Gate is closed as soon as the assembly starts. Latecomers are sent back home in case of late comings for consecutive days. No reminders are issued in this regard.
  4. The school does not hold itself responsible for any child in the school premises before 7:20 am and half an hour after school off time. Parents must therefore ensure that there is a teacher/staff on the duty when they drop their child/children in the morning and take them back home in time. Children in kindergarten section must also be dropped and collected accordingly.
  5. Holiday notices are issued to the children in advance via circular or notes through diaries. However, in case of an unexpected holiday for which no prior notice has been possible; parents are requested to visit our Facebook Page: bringing or sending their child/childrenPlease note that incase of unavailability of staff due to serious law and order or similar situation in the city, the telephone call at the school reception may not be answered.
  1. Children should attend school in complete uniform. Parents are requested to assure that they are neatly dressed and personal hygiene is given extra care.
  2. Uniform must be cleaned and ironed.
  3. Students must attend all school events (including parent teacher meeting and Result day) in complete school uniform. Any student not found in uniform is not allowed to enter the school.
  4. Nails and hair must be trimmed properly.
  5. Girls must tie their hair with black or white hair band only. Moreover, (pony tails are only allowed for short hair and for long hair, girls must tie braid)
  6. Boys must have neat & short hair. (Putting jells on hair and making spikes are not allowed)
  7. All girls/boys must keep their hair clean from lice and nits, a weekly checking is done in this regard. Students with lice infested hair will not be allowed to sit in class.
  8. Shoes should be polished. (Only black Bata shoes are allowed and sports shoes/ joggers for sports only)
  9. White plain socks are allowed only.
  10. Wearing of uniform according to the timetable is strictly checked for (Sports & Taekwondo/Aerobics).
    Note: For negligence in health, hygiene & uniform (as mentioned above), reminder is issued once failing which suspension letter from the school is issued till the improvement is shown.
  11. Students in the kindergarten section must bring proper hygienic lunch; sweets and candies are strictly not allowed. No money should be sent with this age group. However, the canteen facility is available for junior and senior students only at their respective campuses.
  12. The school’s cooler is providing the cold filtered water. However, it is suggested that all students must carry boiled water in their bottles.
  1. Children suffering from any infectious disease should not attend school. A leave application in case of any absence should be submitted at the school reception within two (2) days of absence. In case of illness a medical certificate along with the leave application is essential.
  2. All notes &leave applications must be written on a separate sheet of paper and must be sent through   the child’s diary with a note for the teacher. However, in case of sick leave medical certificate must be attached with the application. For any meeting with the Principal or Sectional Head, it is suggested that parents should communicate through the child’s diary requesting for an appointment
  3. Regularity to the school is strictly monitored at all levels. Any student showing less than 90% of the total attendance in KG and 95% in Jr. and Sr. Section Class II-VIII, IX/O-I) during the academic year is not promoted to the next class.
  4. Children not returning punctually after any holidays may have their names struck off the roll if no written application for leave has been sent by their parents within three (3) days of the re-opening.
  5. Parents are advised to enforce habits of punctuality and regular attendance in their child/children. Non-punctuality and irregularity hinders the child’s progress; as the child often has to go through the whole process of normalization and re-adjustment before he/she is ready to resume class activities. In case of absence due to unavoidable circumstances, parents are requested to contact the school reception to collect the child’s home assignments (between 01:00 – 2:00 pm).
  6. A fine of Rs. 100/-per day is charged in the challan for students (in Classes VIII onwards) if there is any absence in the previous month. The Absentee is not allowed to sit in the class upon rejoining after the absent days and sent back home in case no application duly signed by parents justifying the reasons for absentia is received by the respective head.
  7. For Classes VIII onwards, in case the attendance is less than 95%, the student is not registered for C.I.E/A.K.U.E.B examinations.  No exemptions are made in any case in this regard. Absence due to unavoidable arising situation or medical reasons must be intimated via an application (M.Cattached) to the Sectional Head within 2 days of absence by the parents.
  1. The school issues an identity card/gate pass for each child in the school. Parents should assure that whoever comes to collect the child after school carries the child’s card. Children will not be handed over to unauthorized agents or to servants not carrying the child’s I.D. card and not introduced by the parents to the campus head.
  2. Children in the kindergarten must be collected from the duty teacher at the gate duty.
  3. Students are not allowed to travel alone or to accompany any school mate from the school, until and unless a written application is submitted to the respective head in advance by the parents in this regard.
  4. Meeting slips for all appointments given for Head/Principal is sent via student’s diary. This slip must be shown at the gate/reception for permission to enter the gate at the respective branch.
  1. Parents are very kindly requested to please contact the school’s reception in case they want to pick their child from the school earlier then the prescribed school’s off timings.
  2. The early leaving slip on the justified grounds can be received and signed from the school’s reception so that the child may be allowed to leave only with the parents. Please note that no student shall be allowed to leave the school earlier without receiving the early leaving slip.
  3. No case of the early leaving shall be entertained in case if it is intimated through a class-fellow, van or    personal driver. Also, any note tendering the application for the grant of early leave in the diary shall also not be entertained as all such matters be directly addressed and intimated to the school’s management in a proper application in writing sent via separate sheet of the paper to the respective campus head so that the same may be placed in student’s record file.
  4. The least acceptable time for a child to entitle a short leave is at least 1 hour before the regular off time. Parents are very kindly requested to please avoid seeking the short leave 15-20 minutes earlier the school’s off time looking in to the assignment of all teachers in their duties right before the off time. It is further intimated that NO such request for an early leave will be entertained in such cases.
  1. In case of any damage to school property such as scratching or scribbling on the furniture / fixtures / school walls, breaking of window glass / tube-lights / fans or any other similar loss in labs or library done by the students, a penalty is charged along with the fee challan or a note will be sent through a child’s diary. No exemptions will be made in this regard in any case and a warning letter is also issued to the child in all such cases.
  2. Mobile phones, games, toys and C.Ds and any type of electronic gadgets are strictly not allowed in the school. The school’s management takes all such stuffs in their custody if found with any student.  This is also treated as violation of school rules and items found and caught are not returned back.
  3. Celebrating Birthdays in the school is strictly not allowed. Parents are requested to avoid any request in this regard.
  4. Reminders will be issued to the students in the following areas:
  • Punctuality / Regularity
  • Non-submission of home assignments.
  • Conduct
  • Mannerism
  • Initialing of diaries and indexes (for parents)
  • Personal Hygiene/Uniform
  • Test results (Senior Section)
  1. The teachers maintain a record of reminders that are issued to the students for placing in the personal files of the students at the end of each month in order to keep the management updated with over all child’s performance, academic and non-academic developments.
  2. Break time at school is Lunch Time only. Students at all levels are instructed to sit in groups at Lunch Time and take their lunch properly following all acts of eating as per Sunnah of Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Boys and girls in the Senior Section are instructed to stay in separate areas during the break time. Violation of this rule may lead to a strict action.
  1. Students must present their valid library cards at the time of borrowing a book
  2. A Student may borrow only one book at a time.
  3. Reference books cannot be borrowed. They must be consulted in the Library ONLY. All other books are on lending.
  4. Only the person, named on the card, may use a book as the custodian of the book. The card may not be lent to anyone else under any circumstances. The loss of a card should be reported to the Librarian immediately. The borrower is responsible for any book(s) borrowed, in case of a book lost; the borrower will have to pay an equal amount for the new edition of the book.
  5. The normal borrowing period of any book is 1 week. A fine of Rs. 50 is charges per day after the period of borrowing book is over. The books, must therefore, be returned to the library on due date to avoid this penalty.
  6. NO edible items are allowed inside the library.
  7. Students must assure to keep the sitting arrangement and the furniture of the library in neat, clean and immaculate condition.
  8. Any misconduct, misbehavior or use of abusive language in the library is treated as per the relevant clauses of disciplinary rules signed at the time of child’s admission in the school. This also includes Stealing, vandalism/ destruction of library properties such as books, periodicals, DVDs / CDs/ Cassettes, computer programs, chairs and tables will be penalized severely.
  1. Parents-Teachers meeting are held at the end of each semester. Dates and timings for these meeting is intimated well in advance to the parents via circular. Attendance for one parent in these meetings is compulsory. However, presence of both is highly appreciated.
  2. Parents desiring to discuss any matter of immediate concern to them are requested to take a prior appointment with the concerned head at least a day in advance through a written request and submit it at the school’s reception or attach it in the child’s diary with a note for the teacher.
  1. In Senior Section, after the study periods, the students are given a break of 30 minutes for prayer, lunch and any required change over for the clubs.
  2. In Senior Section, the clubs are held from 01:00 p.m till 03:00 p.m between Mondays to Thursdays. However, the club activities shall be held in Junior Section during normal study hours. Attendence for all students is mandatory.
  3. Students are registered for after school club activities through a proper club registration form (issued to the parents) at the start of each semester. Each student must choose any 2 club activities per semester.
  4. This will be mandatory upon every child in the afterschool club to follow all disciplinary rules, regulations and policies issued along with the registration form failing which, the name of the child shall be struck off the club.
  5. Student’s performance in their club activities will be marked in the report cards for each semester through star chart.
  6. Students selected from each club showing extra ordinary performance shall be nominated to participate in-house and inter-school competition. It is mandatory for selected students nominated for competition in/outside the school to represented school for the same.
  7. The canteen facility is available till 03:00 p.m in campuses to offer quality and hygienic food to the students during club sessions.
  1. Parents are requested to check the daily diary for the home works and acknowledge regularly to ensure that their child submits the due assignments on time.
  2. All circulars and notes issued must be kept at home as record for perusal. It is suggested that the parents should maintain a separate file for the proper placement and record of all issued notes and circulars.
  3. An extra pair of clothing should be provided for the children in kindergarten section, which is kept in the class against an emergency. Each article of clothing must bear the child’s full name and class in clear print. Likewise in winter, all woolen garments likely to be removed by the children during the work session should be clearly labeled with their full name, class and section.
  4. All belongings of the students (Junior/ Senior Section) must have a name tag on them to avoid any loss.
  5. To assist in smooth functioning of a school day you are requested to avoid telephone calls/ text messages for minor issues. Also note that the discussions with the teachers at the school gates is strictly discouraged and against school’s rules and regulations.
  6. Parents should discourage their child/children from bringing their toys, and articles of value with them (unless asked by the teacher via circular). The school holds no responsibility for any loss or damages and clause # 2 of School’s Discipline of this document comes in to effect against the violation.
  7. Change of address and telephone numbers must be immediately communicated to the office in writing or email to the concerned sectional heads.
  8. Any cash payments (if asked by the school via circular) must be deposited at the school’s reception only in a sealed envelope with a relevant note informing the sectional head in the diary.
  9. Parents are kindly requested to keep the Principal in c.c in all e-mail correspondence which they follow with   the relevant sectional head(s).