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Alhamdulillah, The Froebel’s holds the distinctions of being the only school in the vicinity to have affiliation not only with CIE but also we are the only one to offer AKU-EB stream of studies to our students. The school offers Secondary school certificate education in its secondary school campus with a significantly high strength of students enrolled with this program every year. The AKU-EB stream of studies are offered to the students right from grade VII with the view of enabling parents, students and the school’s management to decide the future direction of a child as such students are equipped with 2 years of preliminary studies of AKU-EB in classes VII and VIII to provide them a strong foundation before they appear in their final board’s examinations in class IX and X. The school has a very dedicated and experienced teaching staff serving in AKU-EB stream of studies and it is assured by the school’s management that they have been nominated for regular training and workshop sessions held by the Aga Khan University examination board in order to equip them with essential attributes of teaching very specially designed curriculum of this board. The school offers all subject combinations of Biology and Computer Science in this stream of studies.

Since the inception of our school in the year 1998, this has been always the top priority of the management to go beyond the way and come out with the exceptions to offer the best possible learning opportunities to our students and thus looking in to the same, the school formally initiated its G.C.E O Level’s program with CAIE registration number PK 562w.e.f the year ________.By the grace of almighty ALLAH, The Froebel’s School now has become one the leading choices for the parents and the students who wish to get acquainted with the modern education with integration of essential Islamic education and this is therefore, the matter of high privilege that the alumni completing their G.C.E O Level’s from our school have been placed in well reputed universities and professional organizations including NUST, Aga Khan University Hospital, N.E.D, National FAST University and Habib University on scholarships. The school has a very experienced, dedicated and a trained teaching staff serving in the senior O-Level’s campus wherein each of the faculty member has been serving as the subject specialist in his/her own subject of expertise and the interest. Parallel to their routine academic lives, our students in G.C.E O-Level’s stream are equally doing well in co-curricular activities with the distinctions of receiving achievements and awards in numerous national and inter-school competitions and contests. In G.C.E O-Level’s stream, the school offers all disciplines of commerce, pre engineering and pre-medical with subject combinations of English, Urdu, Islamiyat, P.S.T, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, B.S.T, Economics, Accounting and Additional Mathematics.

This has been the emerging demands of the parents and students that they wanted to continue their higher education in a congenial, healthy and a balanced learning environment and therefore, this was the high demand of the parent community to initiate A-Level’s program within the vicinity of our school so that they may make the most of the learning of higher education with our school. Thus looking in to the same, the school formally initiated its International Cambridge A-Level’s program w.e.f year 2012. The high school campus is equipped with state of the art infra structure, well stocked library, separate science & physics lab, digital multi media room and a dedicated computer lab offering the most advanced learning facilities to the students. The school has paid special attention towards the induction of experienced and a trained teaching staff for its higher secondary campus in order to meet the demands, challenges and the expectations of the higher secondary education. At A’s Level’s, the school offers the subject combinations of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for Pre-Engineering; Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Pre-Medical; Business, Economics and Accounting for Commerce discipline. In addition to this, the students may opt for any combination of Sociology, History, Economics, Psychology, English Literature and Urdu for the discipline of Arts/Developmental studies.

Alhamdulillah, with the continuous support, trust and the confidence of the students and the parents that they have vested in us, our school promoted in to a full fledge higher secondary campus w.e.f August 2016. Initially the school offered intermediate education only for girls with a primary focus of providing a quality intermediate education to the students in well balanced and a congenial learning atmosphere and Alhamdulillah we received a satisfactory response in terms of the enrolment of the girl in our AKU-EB affiliated intermediate program and thus, the first batch of intermediate is all set to complete its intermediate education in coming April/May 2018 series of examinations In shaa ALLAH.

We are very much felicitated by the positive response of the parent community for showing their keen interest in our intermediate program as we are receiving tremendous response of the parents who are coming forward and urging us to initiate the intermediate program from the new session even for the boys and thus looking in to the same, the school is starting its intermediate (AKU-EB) program for boys as well from August 2018 In shaa ALLAH.

As per our tradition, we would like to advantage our existing students as most as possible and therefore, both boys and girls currently studying in our class X-M shall be automatically promoted to grade XI (AKU-EB) without any prolong official formalities, admission fee and procedures with the award of scholarships for the students securing A’s in their final matriculation examinations.

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists, and may prayers of blessings and peace be upon the noblest of the prophets and messenger of Allah.

Indeed Allah has favored us with great bounties and tremendous blessings. Among the greatest of these blessings are our children who are the source of great delight for the parents. Also from the blessings of Allah upon the Muslims that HE made the Magnificent Quran easy for memorization and thus realizing this bounty un to us, the school took an initiative of starting Hifz program in our Junior campus and alhamduLillah received a positive response from the parents who did come forward to welcome this sacred step taken in the best holistic development of the children.

AlhamduLillah, the first class of Hifz program was held on July 02, 2018 in which the motivational lecture on the importance and reward for memorization of holy Quran was delivered by the Hifz program coordinator/teacher and since then by the grace of almighty ALLAH (S.W.T), we continue to endeavor our best to offer best possible learning environment to our young learners.

The Hifz section is operational at our Junior Campus under the supervision of qualified Hifz Coordinator and Teachers wherein the section is provided with a multi media facility so that the future Huffaz may integrate their holy learning with the digitization of the modern world.