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It is based upon understanding of students, their development, needs, talents, interest and the way they learn best. It is also based on our understanding of Pakistani society, its expectations of schooling and of the aspirations of the students’ families and other members of the community.

Children are the future, and we consider it a privilege as well as a great responsibility to take part in building their personalities and characters. Our teaching programs at Froebel’s are based on principles of Allah that promote a strong sense of appreciation, love and respect for Allah and our fellow men and instill in them a feeling of responsibility to the world in which we live.

Our Curriculum Choices:

  • To provide a breadth and depth of learning experiences which will enable each student to discover and develop his or her own abilities and interests.
  • To provide an atmosphere in which students show consideration for, and tolerance of the needs of others and the general environment in which they live and work.
  • To provide access to a range of significant knowledge and experience.
  • To encourage integrated learning in all areas.
  • To relate practice and theory and link them to their social context.
  • To have high expectations of students, engaging them in challenging tasks and maximize each student’s progress towards identified goals.
  • To keep positive records of our pupils’ achievements.