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Dear Parents,

Hope you all are fine and among the immense blessings of almighty ALLAH (S.W.T), Ameen.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the appointment of Mrs Shaheen Mujahid under the capacity of head mistress, kindergarten section.

Mrs Shaheen Mujahid, has a Bachelor of Arts in Education from University of Calcutta with a wide-spread experience expanding more than 30 years in kindergarten stream of studies in country’s top-notch educational institutions like BeaconHouse School System with 14 years hands-on experience as a teacher and 16 years as the headmistress which significantly fosters her experience for understanding and developing the specialized yearly-year syllabus, specially the play-based learning. She has also spent a period of 3 years in Malaysia.

Mrs. Mujahid’s, career is supported with plenty of certifications, professional development workshops and training sessions as such she has been conferred with “Graduate Certificate in Professional Studies by Ikley Community College, Bradford, England” and much other variety of courses and educational program in her credits which give us the confidence that she is the very right person to lead this campus in to the future and we therefore, hope that our kg school will In shaa ALLAH achieve the new horizon of success, innovation and move one step forward to fulfill its commitment to establish modern learning and teaching practices in the relevant section.

We now welcome Mrs. Mujahid in our system of education as such she has taken over the charge of her duties w.e.f July 15 2020 from Mrs. Nusrat Imran, who has done an outstanding job to date and now will continue with us under her newly designated role and responsibilities.

Jazakum Allah Khair

Eisha Tariq Rehman
The Froebel’s School

Dear Parents,


Hope you all are doing well and taking the best care of yourself and people around you.

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Mahjabeen Sajid has been appointed as the “Head Mistress” (High School campus) O/A LEVELS and Matric/Intermediate AKUEB w.e.f Wednesday, July 01, 2020. Mrs. Mahjabeen Sajid has done her O & A Levels followed by BBA(Hons) and MBA. She has over a decade of experience in reputable schools teaching O & A Levels classes. Her passion for learning and education is based on the unwavering belief that a positive learning environment and guidance can make every student achieve his/her true potential. She is In shaa ALLAH committed to ensuring that all students are provided an environment to explore and search their hidden talents and strengths to reach to their maximum potential and to fostering innovation through collaboration with teachers, staff, students and families. She is familiar with the traditions and successful practices of our school on the basis of which, we are quite confident that she will prove to be one of the best possible resources for all stake holders of the school.

Also she is a well known figure to our school’s parents’ community as she has been serving in our school in a leadership role under the capacity of “Parents’ Counselor” since October 2019.
Mrs. Mahjabeen Sajid will work in close collaboration with Principal, Mrs. Eisha Tariq Rehman and other team members to ensure a smooth transition of leadership and we are delighted to announce that she has assumed her new office from today.

All parents are therefore, very kindly requested to please kindly take a note of this important announcement and refer all related academic matters of classes VIII and onwards from now on (both boys and girls) directly to Mrs. Mahjabeen Sajid as she has now been delegated with complete charge and command of her relevant section which will soon be reallocated at our new coming up campus at E-118 and existing High school for girls at E-115 on Main Abul Hassan Isphani Road.

We welcome her and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Jazakum Allah u Khair,
TFS Management


Dear Parents,

Assalam o Alaikum!

Alhamdulillah as The Froebel’s School has expanded its horizon into E-Learning and DLP, we need the expertise of our senior staff member Mr Fraz Younus to lead us forward into a successful digital era.

Mr Fraz has been an integral part of our school system since the past 8 years and has successfully performed his role as Unit Head.

We are pleased to announce that he will be now acting under the capacity of Sr. Manager(Exams, DLP & IT Services). Heartiest congratulations on the recognition of your support to our school. Your commitment, dedication and hard-work throughout these 8 years remains unparalleled. You have been the backbone for the success of TFS. We are truly happy that you are taking up this new role which is a confirmation of the fact that you always extended your maximum support in what ever position you were assigned.

Sir Fraz will be dealing with all external exam services(CAIE & AKUEB), monitoring and maintaining our DLP and managing all its requirements. As a Sr. Manager he will provide technical assistance and support across all campuses of our school.
We wish him all the best in his new position and we are sure he will be able to fulfill the relevant requirements diligently InshaaAllah.

JazakumAllah u khair,
TFS Management.